Sunday 29 August 2010

I did my Facebook page

At last. In fact, I did it more than a year ago, but didn't finish it so I didn't publish it. But today the need to find an excuse not to get on with work was so extreme I did that instead. Now there's no excuse, and I'll really have to do some work....

Oh, if you want to see it, it's here. Please Like it (if you do like it) as I need enough Likers before I can claim a name for it.



  1. I have one too but I made a point of putting on my wall 'please don't friend me, if you want to chat pop over to my blog' I seriously don't have the time to do it as well as blogging :)

  2. I am obviously more dedicated to the cause of work-avoidance than you are, Nicole! :-)

  3. I do like you and your page but you know I don't "Like" writers' FB pages because of the reviewing issue.

    Well done for getting it done though - what will do you next to avoid work?

    I have the accounts to do.

  4. I do know that, Mary, and I have the same strategy. Sadly, I've already done the VAT so can't use that as an excuse. I know - I'll go and pick a fight with one of the bints!

  5. Great! I'll pop right over there and 'like' you!