Thursday 28 March 2013


I'm rebuilding my website at the moment - you can't visit yet, but I'll post a link when it's done and  here's a sneak preview.

My new website - under construction
It was building Mary Hoffman's new website that prompted me to do this revamp. I've not been very good at updating my website and the reason is that I did it in Dreamweaver and so it's just too much faff. I have to rebuild the pages and then upload them - which doesn't sound too hard, and it isn't, but it means I can only do it on the computer (the downstairs PC) that has Dreamweaver on it. Most of the sites I build for other writers can be updated online. So why not mine?

Well, the reason it hasn't been so far is that I don't like the design limitations. I really didn't want a website that followed the ubiquitous strip-down-the-middle-and-two-side-panels format, the Wordpress/ Blogger/Jimdo bla-bla format. But now I'm being realistic. No more Javascript and graphic text with mouse-over effects. No more different backgrounds on different pages. Goodbye to all that. I'm sure it will be fine. I've found a nice HTML5 web-building site that costs a bit more than the Wordpress-clones but gives me just enough control over design that I can bear it.

And if you haven't seen Mary's new site yet - take a look.

Mary Hoffman's website
Some other writers' websites I've built:
Honour and the Sword (for Louise Berridge)


  1. Wow, Mary's site looks terrific! Can you reveal what the html5 designer is? Have been using Wix but it's a terrible bore when you want to use CSS or html.

  2. I did it in Wix, Candy. There are frustrations, but of all the options that produce something easy to update online, it seemed the bset. You can add chunks of HTML, but you can't mess with stuff and the ways that we would like to! :-)

  3. I am very pleased with my new website!

  4. Very impressive! Web site design is one of those things I never learned, although I did try to learn it from books. In the end, I gave up and kept a blog, which can be updated without special knowledge and you can see who your followers are. Which brings me to my next point - Mary, are you no longer keeping a blog? Because I follow it.

    1. Yes, Mary still has a blog - she has always had a website and a blog, separately. I've only tampered with the website - her blog is intact!

      Sue, now you can do a website as easily as a blog...

  5. Sue, my blog is still at and it should be findable through the Online header on the website.