Saturday 23 March 2013

Frivolous Gizoogling

I'm updating my website at the moment, and have got a bit sick of writing those little blurby bits about the books - especially as I don't want them to be too earnest and dull. I'm sure this is a commonn problem (if a first-world one) for lots of my writer friends.

So you'll need this:


You can use it to Gizoogle your books on Amazon and then snatch the copy from there.
Here's the Gizoogle version of 50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Maths (or 50 Amazing Things Kidz Need ta Know Bout Maths).

And on the page, there is the perfect blurb for my web page:

"50 Aamzin Things Kidz Need ta Know Bout Maths will muthafuckin help you over yo' maths hurdlez once n' fo' all."


PS - Yo, biatches! Ma new lingo mathz now has cred:

 From MateMaite.


  1. I went and looked up my novel on Amazon - hey, this is fun! Thanks fr letting us know!