Monday 17 March 2014

Compulsory spring-clean?

I'm aware that I haven't kept my promise to be back more regularly after the house and baby. But that's on account of further family illness, not disinclination.

However, things are about to get complicated here in Stroppy Land, on account of Google/Blogger having messed up my account when changing their payment system. They want the money for the hosting of the name (that's fair, and I'm happy to pay it) but the changed system doesn't let me log in to the admin panel so I can't pay it. The old card has expired and there's no way of giving them a new card number. So as of 21st March, they are threatening to pull the plug. The only apparent way of talkng to them is a phone number in the USA, and I don't have a landline phone so that's going to cost A LOT. And I don't expect it to be resolved, anyway. So if Stroppy vanishes on that date... well, you've been warned. I can't even back up the posts because of their changes to the admin account.

I'm hoping we'll just revert to the old address and the posts will still be here. But if not - well, no one died. And I'll consider it a spring clean. Out with the spiders, but I'll be back.

And if anyone at Google/Blogger is listening - please get in touch with me using an email address I can reply to, not a no-reply address, because none of the Help stuff you have covers this, you haven't replied to any of my pleas through Feedback or twitter and I want to keep all my spiders!

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