Sunday 25 July 2010

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

But for now I am in a data desert. After four days at Goddard's in Surrey last week, I've come back to find Virgin very reluctant to deliver any electrons to my house, or take away the electrons I have used. This puny update comes to you via the free wifi in Starbucks - or free in exchange for buying lunch.


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  1. Oh poor Stroppy! I feel for you! You know I have lost words, data and reference photos for the novel that has to be delivered at the end of next week, because my Macbook Air crashed.

    And worse I have discovered it was not nearly three years old but only nearly TWO years old.Thank goodness I took out a 3 year warranty on the new one.

    So I feel your frustration even though yours is a provider issue rather than a hardware one. I hope Virgin do the right thing and exchange electrons soon.