Wednesday 24 March 2010

Ada Lovelace day

This post is not about being a writer, unless you count auto-pirating as a relevant issue. Today we have a bit of a digression to support Ada Lovelace Day.

Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer - and a woman. Women get lost in the realms of geekdom, and Ada Lovelace Day (24th March) is a chance to celebrate the work of women in technology. Celebrants are invited to write a blog post about a techno-heroine. The organiser, Suw Charman-Anderson, has kindly allowed me to step slightly outside the usual remit and post this link to a story about Ada I published some years ago.

It's entirely fictional - you won't learn anything useful about Ada Lovelace. She did NOT have a furby, I made that up. Nor did a time-slipped furby really prompt her to think of artificial intelligence. The story was originally published in Technology Tricks, Chrysalis Books, 2003. It is out of print. It is not my copyright. So I am pirating my own work :-)


  1. I didn't know this. That's wonderful and of course it was a woman!

    Great post. Happy day!


  2. Wow! I didn't know that, Anne. Let's hear it for Ada, even though I'm too late for her day.

  3. Aww, i loved that, have always had a soft spot for Ada, buried in history for beign female! Hoorah for Ada Lovelace day!